Comet Credit Repair

los angeles credit repair

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of credit repair specialists who serve the local area to ensure that our clients are taken care of. We are a national credit restoration company, that ensures our clients are well taken care of and with the hopes to raise their credit scores. 

What We Actually Do

Life happens, it happens everyday. The gist of the matter is that you can fall into unforeseen issues, and  because of that your credit will suffer. The first thing that you to understand is that credit companies don’t care about that! They only want the bottom line-their money. It is our goal to make sure that your credit is protected so we talk to you about those life situations that caused you to default on loans, apply for bankruptcy and loose your home. Then we contact those creditors and get them to lower rates, create pay plans and more. We ensure that your credit is lowered in 6 months or your money back.

When you look at your account to see how it’s going you will have access to what we are doing the entire time. Let’s start by getting your free consultation out of the way.