Save Your Finances

Low Credit Scores Hurt

Low credits scores will stop you in your tracks when you are looking for a loan, they will put a damper on your life, hurt your family and your career and of course your ability to save money. It costs thousands of dollars to try and put it right without Rapid Credit Repairs team of experts. 

If you wonder what your FICO score is we encourage you to visit our links section to get a better idea of how it all goes. These scores are hurting you, they cost you money, lots of it and because of that they can hurt your family. That’s right, hurt them-your kids will have a smaller home, your income will be pinched and your job opportunities will be extremely small.

How Can I raise it?

  • Get on the phone and call Rapid Credit Repair
  • Receive a full and free evaluator
  • Talk with a specialist on how to start the action plan
  • Review the daily updates


That’s all you have to do to lower your credit score.The best part is we can review your credit score and start you on the road to freedom before you know it! Looking for a new start? Come to your locally owned business today to get you credit going in the right direction. We are always ready and standing by to take your calls.

Remember, a nationally known company based in the local Los Angeles area cannot be wrong. We are always ready and willing to get you where you need to be. We love our clients and they love us because we practice business level standards. We don’t hire just anyone to take control of your credit, only the best.

What makes us the best credit repair team around?

We want you to live a free life, you are our primary interest and our dedication to making it something that you can believe in is stellar. We have the time, the ability and the energy to keep working on raising that score, removing the problem areas and of course working with your creditors to verify that all amounts are accurate and not inflated.

Did you know that third part billers will take on enormous fees changing a bill from $250 to over $1000 in a matter of months? That’s right we have seen it happen, and with our services we can bring that number back to what it was or even lower it for a negotiated amount.

We are your go to people, the ones who ensure that you are getting the credit you deserve, not the one that they want to pressure you with.

They call day and night, on Sundays, at breakfast, they call your work and they call your parents-they don’t stop so why should we?

It’s hard to live like that, always under pressure to produce the money, when it is a matter for you of food for the week or paying a bill-most people will buy the food.

Our economy can only be better when you pay of your debts, so do you part and contact us today for your free evaluation.